Making Food for the Homeless from Day-Old Bread

I Love to Love to Eat I love food. Or, more appropriately, I love to eat.  Not only that, I love to love to eat.  Not in a gluttonous way, but in a warm, cozy, fun way.  I do not overeat (often).   There is something magical about the effect of a good meal on […]

Three Things I Learned from My Dad

I recently returned from traveling to my brother’s wedding in Jordan.  The trip was amazing, and I am so excited for my brother and his wife. Here is a picture of the sunset at the Dead Sea that I took on the trip.  The far shore is Israel, and the near shore is Jordan.  Amazing. […]

Why I Write: Building a Fortress of Solitude

I have been capturing my thoughts for quite a few months now, and it has struck me that I should articulate why I write.   Before we get to the answer, let’s chat about one of my favorite movies. My Favorite Movie as a Kid As a kid, my favorite movie was the first Superman […]

How to Be Successful After Graduation

Nineteen years ago, I gave a speech at my high school graduation.  I was honored to have a chance to speak with my fellow classmates in our final high school moments.   If I gave a speech to graduates today, here are some of the thoughts that I would want to share with them.  But […]

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

Sometimes we learn something after it would have been really helpful to know it.   In light of that absolute truth, I am often asked to speak at high schools, universities, and graduate schools, and one of my favorite topics to share with students are the things that I wish I knew when I was […]

Why Forty Nights Is Awesome (the movie)

I am so excited to share a movie with you called Forty Nights.  I personally know many of the artists and creatives behind this movie.  I read the script before production of the movie.  And this movie is 90 minutes of inspiration. In some ways, this movie is a great reminder for me that there […]

Why Drive by Larry Bird Is Awesome

I love watching Larry Bird play basketball.  I actually do remember seeing him play live, but it was toward the end of his career.  But clips of Larry Bird are only a Google search away… here is one for reference: I recently re-read Drive, by Larry Bird.  I loved reading about Larry Bird’s background and […]

What Do I Believe?

I recently had someone tell me something that made me doubt what I believed about myself.  Watch this video to learn what I heard and how it affected me.   Summarized Thoughts I need to base decisions on reality, not what I want reality to be. If I have a belief about myself, I must […]

Remembering a Friend

I recently watched a tribute video to an old friend who died around a year ago.  I met this man in law school.  He taught moot court, and I was in his class.  After I saw the tribute video, I wanted to write down a few thoughts about him, and I ended up writing quite […]

Inspiration and Motivation – Do I Have Enough?

Am I motivated enough?  That is a question that I have not asked myself in a while – until recently.  Check out my summary of how I learned that I had a motivation problem – and how I attempted to fix it. Let me know what you think in the comments!