Why Drive by Larry Bird Is Awesome

I love watching Larry Bird play basketball.  I actually do remember seeing him play live, but it was toward the end of his career.  But clips of Larry Bird are only a Google search away… here is one for reference:

I recently re-read Drive, by Larry Bird.  I loved reading about Larry Bird’s background and how his drive to succeed started and developed over his career.  But one moment in his career struck me more than anything else.

Moustache.  Mullet.  I love it all.

 Larry Bird and the Celtics lost in the 1983 NBA playoffs, 4-0.  Larry and his team had to “reinvent” themselves.  Two things happened that changed the 1984 NBA season.

  1. Larry Bird practiced harder than he ever had in his entire life, and
  2. The Celtics did something for Larry Bird that changed his entire mindset (check out my video to learn what they did).

You can only be tough on people when things are going well.  Down times require massive support and encouragement.

Here is what I learned from the book.

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