Compress 10 Hours into 5 Minutes: What I Learned from John Ruhlin’s Giftology

One of my passions in life is reading and learning.  And recently I was thinking about all of the different books that I have read.  I picked up a few books in my library and tried to remember what exactly I had learned from them.  And you know what?  I could honestly not remember!  And that bothered me.

I know I am a busy person.  And I know every single person reading this has time constraints.  Sometimes our busyness prevents us from taking time to read and learn.  Even though “sharpening the saw” is extremely important (and one of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits), we just do not have the time in our schedules.  So what is the solution?

How You Can Compress 20 Hours into 5 Minutes

Well, one solution is to have someone summarize at least one principle from a book and then have that principle published in a format that is digestible to you.  This blog post and the video below is my attempt to help solve this problem for a group of people.

I recently have felt like I am bad at giving gifts. When my wife gives a gift (to me or anyone else), she puts so much thought into the gift that it makes the person feel special.  So I decided to pick up John Ruhlin’s book, Giftology.

Check out three principles that I pulled from John Ruhlin’s book, Giftology.

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  • Jerome Vierling

    GREAT stuff bro

  • Jason Mashni

    Gets better every time!