What Do I Believe?

I recently had someone tell me something that made me doubt what I believed about myself.  Watch this video to learn what I heard and how it affected me.


Summarized Thoughts

  • I need to base decisions on reality, not what I want reality to be.
  • If I have a belief about myself, I must act on it.  Or I am in danger of being self-deceived.
  •  Intention is not enough.  Belief is not enough.  I want to become what I believe.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

  • Chris Silker

    It is very easy to get caught in “best intention.” Self deception, or what I think many people call “rationalization” is a daily pitfall that can lead to regret or even worse, missed potential. This really forced me to step back and examine as critically as possible what I believe about myself and how that translates to my actions, both in business and personally. I often think about what my goals or intentions are but rarely step back to examine what steps I have CONSISTENTLY made to turn those into reality. Without that examination it becomes very easy to feel satisfied and that work done was worthwhile. Realistically, most of the time it is and I am doing good work, however I do know that there is a difference between “best intention” and reality of consistent, repeatable actions. Therefore, I intend not to “do my best” but to stop and reflect more often on if my “best” could be better.

    • John Mashni

      I love your last sentence. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I love it!